Oserian (East Africa)

Oserian (East Africa)

Oserian is a Superbrand.

The world of cut flowers has been active in Kenya since the 1980s, pioneered by Oserian Development Company Limited, the flagship brand of the Mavuno Investment Group.

Oserian has it’s roots as a vegetable farm, established by Hans and June Zwager in the late 1960s. In 1982 the Zwager’s introduced floriculture to the farm, and today, Oserian has grown into one of the largest and most successful floriculture projects in the World.

Oserian is a pioneer in sustainable technology and is committed to the continuing development of eco-friendly systems and processes, including geothermal energy, hydroponics, recycling and conservation, which increase productivity and quality in an environmentally responsible manner.

The major flower varieties grown and exported by Oserian include Roses, Carnations, Cuttings, and Gypsophillia. In response to a growing demand for high quality and new varieties, Oserian has also developed innovative premium varieties, including Piano Roses, A1, Red June, Vuvuzela, Cool Water and Mimi Eden.

Oserian has spread its foot print by engaging in strategic partnerships with the Dutch Flower Group and FloraHolland, enabling Oserian to explore opportunities presented by the evolution of the international floral business.

In 2009 Oserian teamed up with European Supermarkets on a project supporting the neighbouring Maasai community, who make beautiful handcrafted bracelets with highly colourful beads, which are then attached to a bouquet of flowers.

The Oserian brand defines itself by maintaining the highest ethical standards, and by a commitment to innovation, which is strengthened through its people.

Oserian stands humbly at the forefront of the floral industry as the most diversified, innovative and sustainable floricultural company in East Africa.

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