Pertamina Enduro (Indonesia)

Pertamina Enduro (Indonesia)

Pertamina Enduro is a Superbrand.

In 2003 Pertamina Enduro launched its new product, ‘Enduro’, a Hi Tiers lubricant intended for 4 stroke vehicles.

Since then, Pertamina Enduro has has grown its market share to 60% of all motorbike lubricants in Indonesia, and is exported to many other countries.

Pertamina Enduro has performed has performed every type of quality verification and testing for its products, and has broken the MURI record of “Sehidup Sematic” in 2012, where free oil changing is provided in the 5 largest cities in Indonesia.

The line of Pertamina Enduro includes:

• Enduro 4T 20W-50 API SJ / JASO MA: a lubricant for a 4 stroke motorbike with stabilized thickness in both high and low temperatures.

• Enduro Matic 10W-40 API SL / JASO MB: a high quality automatic motorbike lubricant with moly additive to reduce friction in high temperatures and speeds with a low viscosity for better circulation and fuel economy.

• Enduro Gear Matic: a synthetic lubricant which protects motor gear in extreme conditions, including heavy traffic and high speed acceleration.

• Enduro 4T Racing 10W-40 API SL / JASO MA2: a four stroke lubricant with a synthetic base which has passed variable speed friction tests, with results that exceed the high friction reference oil. Enduro 4T Racing provides protection for engine that goes through high acceleration, especially in racing motorbikes.

• Sport Enduro 4T SAE 5W-30 API SL / JASO MA2: an environmentally friendly lubricant formulated with fully synthetic base oil and PAO Ester technology for excellent acceleration and maximum wear protection.

Activities carried out by Pertamina Enduro as a form of corporate social responsibility include the provision of insurance to Pertamina Enduro’s outlet mechanics and also scholarships for their children, and reforestation in the Jawa Bali Vaganza Event.

As a market leader in Indonesia, Pertamina Enduro continues to improve the quality of its products in pace with the rapid development of engineering technology.

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