Sirup Kurnia (Indonesia)

Sirup Kurnia (Indonesia)

Sirup Kurnia is a Superbrand.

Sirup Kurnia has a a rich and unique flavour, created using 100% pure sugar, hygienic water and the highest-quality ingredients imported from Europe.

Sirup Kurnia was founded in 1969 by Ellyas Hudaya in the Nangroe Aceh Darussalam as a home industry. As demand grew throughout North Sumatra, Mr. Hudaya moved production to the city of Medan, and later, in 1986, to Desa Limau Manis, Tanjung Morawa, in Deli Serdang.

Today, Sirup Kurnia is manufactured using a modern production system, with strict quality control by experienced and skilled workers.

Sirup Kurnia can be used for baking, puddings and other delicious combinations of desserts like es cincau, timun suri, compotes, fresh coconut, ice cream, durian compote and many others.

Sirup Kurnia has been recognized as a local favourite when entertaining their guests, as it is easy to prepare. In the fasting month and during the Ied celebration in particular, iced Sirup Kurnia is popular for refreshing taste to break the quench.

Sirup Kurnia packages its product traditionally, in a cardboard box, to add a classic touch knowing how much customers prefer a hand-carry tied box.

Sirup Kurnia’s promotional activities include billboard, neon box, electronic media and events which ranges from sports, model contests and company sponsored events. Sirup Kurnia also sponsors numerous social activities with many orphanages and religious institutions.

Sirup Kurnia has a characteristic and easy to remember brand presence, enhanced by the liberty statue symbol on the label representing freedom of expression.

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