Vitafoam (East Africa)

Vitafoam (East Africa)

Vitafoam is a Superbrand.

Vitafoam products are individually crafted to the consumer’s specifications for a perfect fit, and are the ultimate in style, comfort, durability and quality.

Vitafoam has combined over 45 years of experience and authority with technological innovation to offer the most comprehensive solutions to a multitude of technical problems across variety of markets.

Orignally established in 1967 by British Vita, Mr. Chandrakant Premchand Shah took control of the firm as Chairman in 1989. Working together with his wife, the late Mrs Ramilaben Chandrakant Shah, the company was renamed Vitafoam Products Limited and reestablished at its present 100,000 sq ft facility on Mombasa Road under a new investment plan, with new equipment and machinery.

Vitafoam understands that everyone has unique mattress requirements so all their mattresses are completely customisable. Vitafoam’s top priority is to help each consumer acheive the highest level of comfort possible.

Polyurethane foam products include mattresses, foam sheets, bolsters, rebounded foam, carpet underlay, foam cushions and baby cots. The Vitality range of products include Memory foam mattresses, pillows and mattress toppers. Latex products include mattresses, pillows and mattress toppers.

Vitafoam’s commitment to the highest quality has led the company to earn many awards and accolades. Vitafoam was first in the industry to receive the prestigious “Diamond Mark of Quality” from the Kenya Bureau of Standards., and was awarded ISO 9001:2008 certification in 2011 by QAS International.

From 2008 through 2010, Vitafoam was named a KPMG Top 100 Mid-Size Company, and achieved KPMG Club 101 status in 2011.

Vitafoam delivers total satisfaction to its valuable customers by ensuring their products consistently exceed expectations, helping consumers to “Sleep Well…Feel Better….Live Longer.”

Superbrands: The most respected universal seal of enduring excellence.