Roshfrans (Mexico) – Spanish

Roshfrans is a Superbrand.

Roshfrans is a 100% Mexican Company, focused in the development and manufacturing of world class, high quality grease and oil lubricants, as well as additives, brake fluid, antifreeze, gasoline additives, automobile cosmetics and filters.

Serving the customer is what drives Comercial Roshfrans to be the fastest growing company in the lubricants market and inspires new strategies with the wellbeing of customer, employees and stockholders in mind.

In 1955 Nicolas Platonoff Batrak established Comercial Roshfrans, and started manufacturing engine additives offering excellent protection against extra loads and performance demands.

Four years later, the oil and grease lubricants began production, with Roshfrans leading the market as the most diversified company in its field, offering a broad range of products with the goal of “Manufacturing only products of the highest quality to insure total consumer satisfaction” . . . . . and the “Center for Technological Development” was born.

The more than 13 % market share that Roshfrans enjoys is due, in part, to the certifying organization,Perry Johnson Registrars, Inc. which granted ISO 14001:2004 recognition of the NEPTUNO manufacturing plant, recognizing the company’s initiatives in social and environmental responsibility which have produced the following results:

• Reduction of manufacturing’s environmental impact.

• Optimization of resource and residues management, from a quantitative as well as qualitative viewpoint, to reduce the danger level of the raw materials and products used and generated.

• Management of accidental and-or emergency risks to prevent negative environmental impacts (contamination risks prevention)

• Compliance with all environment legal, security and civil regulations and protections.

• Creation of an environmental culture in the conscience of personnel.

In 2007, Roshfrans introduced Batrak, a new line of industrial use lubricants including an industrial grade oil and grease, an example of knowledge, technology, quality and service combining to create a high quality range of lubricating products. In 2009, a new high tech product, Ti-22 Oil, was introduced as the first in the market to employ Liquid Titanium Technology.

Roshfrans Founder Nicolás Platonoff Bätrak’s philosophy was edged in the following thought: “We know that all the good one can do for Humanity will reflect in one’s own good and conscience satisfaction.”

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