Nzoia Sugar (East Africa)

Nzoia Sugar is a market leader in the sugar industry, contributing immensely to the economic livelihood of western Kenya.

Nzoia Sugar was incorporated in 1976, initially planting cane, and later developing sugar production facilities. The Government is the majority shareholder, with Fives Cail Babcock (FCB) and Industrial Development Bank as minority shareholders.

Nzoia Sugar is the largest producer of brown sugar in Kenya, with the largest company owned nucleus Estate farm 3,400 ha. Nzoia Sugar zone boasts of having very rich soils suitable for producing high quality cane, and hence the sweetest sugar available.

A total of 27,800 hectares is under cane farming and, out of these, 3,400 hectares is from the Nucleus Estate owned by the Nzoia Sugar Company. The factory is rated at 3,000 TCD with annual sugar production of about 65,000 metric tonnes of brown sugar.

A few years ago Nzoia Sugar took the path of brand rejuvenation through re-branding and by heavy investment in three sets of branded sugar packaging machines to boost output and raise quality standards.

The new Branding was launched in March 2012 and is now available in 2 Kg, 1 Kg, ½ Kg and ¼ Kg packages. Nzoia have also maintained the higher packages of 50kg, 25 Kg and 10 Kg that are partially branded.

Nzoia sugar is committed to the following values:

Fulfillment – satisfying consumer needs.

Value Proposition – to remain a market leader in quality and value.

Consumer choice – offering a portfolio of conveniently sized packages for consumers diverse needs.

Innovativeness – to continually evolve to meet changing consumer needs and through innovation.

Sense of belonging – Nzoia sugar is a strong Kenyan brand that matches any brand in the same category.

Nzoia sugar’s mission is to efficiently, innovatively and sustainably produce and market sugar and other products in a clean and safe environment.