Supaloaf (East Africa)

Supaloaf is a Superbrand.

Bread is one of the most commonly consumed processed foods in East Africa. Initially bread was considered to be purely a breakfast item, but times have changed and bread is now consumed on all occasions.

Mini Bakeries, is the company behind the successful Supaloaf brand. With its roots in Mombasa, Mini Bakeries was established in 1983, with the key objective of manufacturing and distributing varied range of breads, and has become a market leader.

Supaloaf is supplied to over 20,000 shops and kiosks in Kenya and over two billion slices of Supaloaf are produced each year.

Supaloaf is favoured by women who serve the brand for breakfast, and can be enjoyed on its own without any accompaniment as a convenient food for many families. Because of its unique freshness, Supaloaf is ranked the best ready-to-eat food in the Kenya.

Supaloaf open-top bread has been popular in Kenya for many years, and recently closed-top sandwich breads have also become popular. Recently introduced products include Butter Toast, Milk Toast and Whole meal Toast. Their latest developments include the barrel breads and the jubilee range, which have a great texture for applying spreads.

Mini Bakeries Ltd is working on a development programme that will see Supaloaf fortified with folic acid, calcium and vitamins for nutritional and health benefits to consumers, making it the first in Kenya to add value in bread in this manner. There are further projections of increasing the product range to include multi grain bread and develop various types of continental breads.

Supaloaf ’s popular slogans are “Never say bread, Say Supaloaf ” and “Supaloaf, Slices of Life”.

The Supaloaf brand is committed to being the bread of choice in each household, in Kenya providing flavour, nutrition, and value to every Kenyan, at any time in any place.

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