OTTO (Austria) – German

OTTO is a Superbrand.

Since 1992 OTTO has made home-shopping in Austria for domestic households simple and convenient, offering one of the largest selections of contemporary fashions, brand leaders and the latest trends.

OTTO offers consumers 95 percent of the best known brands in Austria. “It is important to us that each new day, we can inspire our customers “, says Harald Gutschi, CEO of OTTO Austria.

Today e-commerce has become the growth engine of product sales globally. More and more consumers take advantage of convenient online shopping and appreciate the overview and comparison opportunities that provide them with the different electronic ordering options.

OTTO presents itself in this area as the online shopping source for the modern lifestyle, offering the largest textile supply in Austria, focusing young women’s outwear and trendy brands for the target group of 18 to 45 year old women.

OTTO Austria offers the widest range of brands in Austria. As an innovative multichannel retailer, OTTO presents additional product ranges exclusive to the online store, which currently offers over one million articles.

OTTO’s sustainability initiative, including environmental awareness, the protection of natural resources, and a firm commitment to the development of long-term climate awareness strategies, is firmly entrenched as a corporate goal deep within the company’s culture.

Since 2012 OTTO has employed basic raw cotton and wood as part of it’s ambitious goal of 100% sustainability. Adapting this social program reflects even more on the needs of the partners in a globalized world. OTTO’s Sustainability Initiative is not a trend but a necessity, which is evident and important for OTTO.

OTTO’s slogan is “The Customer is King.” With over 800,000 customers, OTTO is Austria’s market leader in home-shopping, and remains committed to bringing consumers the finest quality and largest selection of exclusive, international brands.

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