Wiener Wohnen (Austria) – German

In a world of global commerce and competition, excellence matters above all else.

Outstanding brands distinguish themselves through collaborative enterprise, creative marketing, and superior products.

These are exceptional, brands which stand apart, elevating themselves to the prestigious distinction of being named a Superbrand.

Wiener Wohnen is a Superbrand.

The company- “Wiener Wohnen” is a 100 % subsidiary of the City of Vienna. It is the leading service provider in all aspects of a modern house & exterior care for all under the administration of the government of Vienna.

The “Wiener Wohnen House & Outdoor Services” was founded in response to the abolition of the house-law from 2002 and ensures that residential systems in which the caretaker will not be present will be comprehensively supported. Each year, new housing developments are taken on to provide automatic support.

The company currently has 31 checkpoints in 17 municipal districts. At fixed opening times competent contact person are there accessible for customers. At six locations administrative activities are coordinated, stored materials and equipment maintenance.

The power spectrum of the Wiener Wohnen House & Outdoor Services includes, in addition, cleaning, care and maintenance of many other services in the field of facility management: office cleaning, pest control, clearing, special cleaning Affliction remedy and emergency services are just a few.

It’s service is based on customers proximity, quality, flexibility, punctuality and great value, targeting avid customers. It maintains environmentally friendly, ethical, socially responsible practices whilst simultaneously being economically successful.

The Wiener Wohnen House & Outdoor Services is a multicultural company, with wide diversity and is seen as an opportunity for further growth. This makes it a model for practice of integration.

As an employer of employees from over 30 different nations and as an important service provider for the Viennese public housing, Wiener Wohnen is aware of their social responsibility.

In 2010 the mission statement for employees at all hierarchical levels of the company was developed. There are supporting decisions. Strength through diversity, openness, fairness, clarity and confidence are just some of the values that are lived by our mission statement.

Young people are offered a practice-oriented education and the opportunity for a career in business. For the House & Outdoor Services received the quality seal for its exemplary apprenticeship.

Wiener Wohnen House & Outdoor Services – Your Home in good hands!

Superbrands: the international award for sustainable excellence.