St Guchi (Malaysia)

In a world of global commerce and competition, outstanding brands distinguish themselves through collaborative enterprise, creative marketing, and superior products elevating themselves to the prestigious distinction of being named a Superbrand.

St Guchi is a Superbrand.

One of the largest architectural hardware products suppliers in Malaysia today, St Guchi’s main products include architectural hardware, framed and frameless glass door fittings, digital door locks, hotel locks, and firerated door sets.

Founded in 1997, the company began with a narrow product range, including cylindrical knobset, Gribset, locks and door accessories that suited the residential market. Today St Guchi has provides consumers with the right solution for any situation, by developing innovative products that are unique to St Guchi.

St Guchi is a market leader in innovation and creativity in the design of its products. The company achieves this by harnessing the talents of its employees, and developing new technologies gradually introduced into its products, including electronic locking for homes and wireless technologies.

The St Guchi 1-Key System is a convenient and time-saving single-master key system that allows a single key to be programmed on all the door locks in the user’s home without carrying a bulky ring of keys in one’s pocket. The locking devices available include a steel gate padlock, main entrance timber door lock and dead bolt, glass door lock for balconies, internal rooms door locks, and backyard security gate locks.

St Guchi Digital Door Lock is a modernised locking system developed for contemporary building design concepts. Digital key codes, biometric thumb print scanner and electronic key tags can be found in the digital lock system, which requires no mechanical key. The Digital Door Lock system features an “Antipanic” function so doors are always unlockable from the inside to allow immediate exit during an emergency.

At least six Concept Stores have been opened over the last two years which carry the full range of St Guchi products in Penang, Perak, Klang Valley, Melaka and Johor, allowing consumers to source all St Guchi products under one roof.

St Guchi continues to develop exceptionally well-designed and innovative products, centred on the philosophy that a successful product achieves a balance between functionality and aesthetics. St Guchi was awarded a top 3 position in The Golden Eagle Awards in 2013, and also achieved the world recognised ISO9001 in 2013.

The St Guchi brand places great emphasis on international and local standard compliance together with performance, design and technical support. With its emphasis on concept and function, design and quality assurance, St Guchi promises to be one of the best sourcing centres in hardware, faucet and sanitary ware in Malaysia.

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