Petrofuel (East Africa)

In a world of global commerce and competition, outstanding brands distinguish themselves through collaborative enterprise, creative marketing, and superior products elevating themselves to the prestigious distinction of being named a Superbrand.

Petrofuel is a Superbrand.

Petrofuel (Tanzania) Limited (PFTL) is the leading distributor of petroleum products across Tanzania, East Africa and Central Africa. The company’s focus is on imports, warehousing, distribution and marketing of premium quality petroleum products.

Petrofuel was founded in 2007 by Satish Kumar, whose rich experience in customer relations and sales has been well known and whole heartedly appreciated throughout the East African region and was the first company in the region to initiate retail fuel distribution, a first-of-its-kind idea which was an instant success.

The launch of the successful marketing campaign, “Fuel @ Your Doorstep,” helped the company grow to become the largest retail distributor in Tanzania, providing fuel to consumers as well as government institutions, financial and telecommunications companies, retail businesses, manufacturers, and not-for-profit institutions.

Petrofuel believes that quality control will ensure customer loyalty, employing Quality Management systems conforming to International Standards. Each project and all PFTL vehicles are equipped with quality assessment tools, ensuring that quality is monitored at every step.

Petrofuel is currently implementing the “Station per Region” programme, whereby PFTL will construct and operate at least one state-of-the-art fuel service station in each region in Tanzania. A mini depot at Arusha which is scheduled to be operational by the end of the year.

Petrofuel has implemented the new “Plug and Play” mounted tank, a first-of-its-kind innovation in Tanzania. The tank and pump is mounted on a single frame, making it easier to transport and simple to use.

Petrofuel promotes the empowerment of women in the workplace, with women making up 50% of senior management and 45% middle and lower management. PFTL also provides training to new employees who have little or no knowledge of the industry. The company strongly believes that ensuring equality within the workplace paves the way to a brighter future for all.

The company recently donated water tanks to low-income communities across the nation where storage of clean water is a basic necessity. Ten percent of Petrofuel’s yearly earnings are donated to charitable and civic organizations through various CSR activities.

Petrofuel’s main goals are to provide quality, efficiency and ensure customer satisfaction. The promise of “Fuel @ your doorstep” displays the company’s commitment to all of it’s customers in providing the highest level of quality and service available.

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