Saji (Malaysia)

Saji is a Superbrand.

Saji in Bahasa means “to serve”; reflecting the brand’s commitment to serve the best products to consumers.

The Saji cooking oil brand, formerly known as Angsa Emas (Golden Goose), was launched in 2000 by Delima Oil Products to reflect a more contemporary image. The catchy brand name has helped the company become a market leader, while also reflecting the brand’s legacy of serving good food and great products.

Saji owns the supply chain of oil production from the plantation through to distribution, so it is able to deliver its products to consumers in the shortest period of time, guaranteeing the freshest stock is always available.

As an upstream integrated organisation, Saji ensures the harvested palm fruits are imediately processed, and the refined oils are efficiently supplied to manufacturing facilities for final processing and packaging. This process ensures consumers enjoy the benefit of the freshest oil, with the longest shelf life, at point of sale.

A clear golden liquid at room temperature, Saji Cooking Oil is made of from the finest, superior quality Refined Bleach Deodorised Palm Olein. Saji Cooking Oil has no taste or smell that can affect foods during cooking.

Rich with Vitamin E, Saji Cooking Oil contains no cholesterol, and is made from the highest quality grade of Halal certified, double fractioned palm oil (CP6). Able to withstand temperatures of 235 °C without changing its chemical composition, Saji Cooking Oil is ideal for deep frying at high temperatures.

Packaged in round bottles since the year 2000, which was the market norm at the time, there are future plans to change the bottle design into something more streamlined and user friendly. The label, however, was updated in 2012 to reflect a more modern culinary look.

With its recent entry into the culinary world, Saji has developed a new brand essence that rightly portrays its vision of being a major culinary influence in the Malaysian kitchen. The new tagline “Sentuhan Keajaiban”, or in English “Magical Cooking”, reflects changes in consumer dynamics and drives the brand’s goal to increase its yummy factor.

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