Sur Yapi (Turkey)

Sur Yapi is a Superbrand.

A leader in Turkey’s high end residential market, Sur Yapi stands out from its many competitors through its vision of going beyond simply constructing buildings, to creating concept projects of value and use to humanity.

Since its establishment in 1992, Sur Yapi has successfully completed many prestigious projects, earning the company the leading position in the sector. From the project planning stage through the project development, architectural and construction-production stages, to handing over the keys.

Sur Yapi is involved in all aspects of real estate development, including project planning, construction management, and construction for residential properties, shopping malls and industrial facilities.

After opening the Axis Kagithane Shopping Center in June 2013, Sur Yapi went on to build Metrogarden Shopping Center in September 2014. Sur Yapi quickly went on to build Axis Istanbul in Istanbul’s Bayrampaşa district as well as Sur Yapi Marka Residence and Shopping Center projects in Bursa’s Nilüfer district.

Beginning its energy investments in 2007, Sur Yapi presently continues its investments in renewable energy with four hydroelectric and two wind energy plants.

Sur Yapi has executed both the project planning and construction of industrial facilities for large national and international companies including 3M, Novartis, Total, Opet, Sony, Bosch-Siemens, Nobel Pharmaceuticals, Casper, Aviva and Swiss Life Insurance.

In setting its brand values, Sur Yapı placed the client at the center of its communications strategy, and focused on the value it will add to its clients’ lives, always works hard to understand its clients with its proactive marketing philosophy.

Drawing upon the power of its past as it moves into the future, Sur Yapı continues to create new projects, each more successful than the last, with the goal of creating new living spaces, putting its name on dependable, prestigious projects.

As it increases its brand awareness, Sur Yapı continues to carry its many positive values such as honesty, perfection, team spirit, innovation, responsibility, stability and initiative into the future with its customer-oriented philosophy, with the central goal of contributing permanent value to society.

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